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Coplay Man does his Home “Work”

Published: February 22, 2007 Northampton Press Peter Majkowski and his wife Barbara recently visited colleges with their son, Michael, a high school senior in the

EDC Honored by INC 500

Published: 9/1/11 INC Magazine FAIRFIELD – The job market and the overall economy continue to stagnate, but while some companies falter and others fail one

Female Biz Owners Turn Less to Banks

Published: February 2001 Dana Ambrosini | The Connecticut Post If you think your budget is hand-to-mouth, take a gander at Stamford business owner Antoinette Allocca.

President writes her own ticket

Published: November 2000 Harold Davis | Stamford Advocate If you had asked Antoinette Allocca 18 years ago if her business would take off, she might

Recession Retool

Published: November 2004 Colleen Hennessey | CT Business Journal Executive managers know about and expect business cycles, “the good times” and “the bad times.” However,

The Forgotten Workers

Published: June 1998 | Elizabeth Seay | Wall Street Journal In The Shadow of a downtown shaped by corporate downsizing, one business thrives on hiring the

Essential Data honored

Published: June 3, 1999Ed Silverstein | Faifield Minuteman When Antoinette Allocca started her own business, there were many risks. But in just three years, the company,

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