Providing live customer support is expensive. Gartner estimates the average cost of customer support at $8.01 per contact. They also estimate that only 9% of customers report solving issues completely using self-service options as an alternative to live support. Companies are often forced to make a choice between offering costly live support to their customers, or offering self-service options that are more cost effective, yet less efficient and more frustrating for customers. Essential Data Corporation offers services with customer support and service documentation.

Client Need

A fast-growing software company was concerned about the impact of offering live customer support on their bottom line. It was expensive. However, they also saw that their self-service support was not resolving customers’ problems. Customer dissatisfaction was mounting, and customer retention rates were sliding. Researching the problem, the company discovered that their self-service support materials were poorly written and badly organized. These materials had been developed in-house by their development team without the help of professional writers. The company saw a significant opportunity to reduce the overall cost of providing excellent customer service, while better meeting customer needs and improving customer satisfaction.

EDC Solution: Customer Service Documentation

Essential Data Corp. sourced 3 technical writers with significant experience in online support and instructional design in the software industry. The writers worked as a team, collaborating with a project lead at the company, along with subject matter experts and developers. The final product was a complete rewrite of the company’s online support articles, as well as improved organization of the materials so users could easily search for solutions by topic.

Benefits for the Client

1. Experienced an immediate reduction in the number of live customer support requests after deploying the new self- service support material and the improved organization/search structure,

2. Realized significant cost savings which continue to accrue, and

3. Improved customer retention.