Case Study: Knowledge Transfer


Documentation of Knowledge transfer shows an exodus of experienced, educated and highly skilled leaders/managers from organizations. The drain only occurs when no action is taken to transfer knowledge and experience from leaders to emerging leaders. Corporate knowledge is avoidable with planning and work.

Client Need

Our client, a mid-sized precision manufacturer who makes components in the aerospace industry, has an older more experienced workforce and was having difficulty finding, hiring, training and retaining qualified machinists to work in their manufacturing facility. This difficulty in hiring and training new employees created an environment where a few highly skilled workers with a great deal of knowledge were approaching retirement without qualified employees to move up and fill their roles.

EDC Solution 

Essential Data’s 2 technical writers created detailed Standard Operating Procedures and work instructions for the tasks that these more seasoned employees performed. These Standard Operating Procedures were used to create a training manual for new hires and create the ability to cross train existing employees to work on different machines than the ones to which they are customarily assigned.

Benefits of Knowledge Transfer Documentation for the Client

After completing the Standard Operating Procedures for the equipment and creating the new hire training manual, the client was able to bring new hires up to proficiency 50% more quickly. As new employees were brought up to speed on the facility operation more junior level employees were able to be trained into the roles held by the more senior employees who were approaching retirement age.