Every good business owner knows that both employees and customers are the souls of a company. However, in today’s digital era, databases are often the heart that keeps a company running. Not only do digital databases speed up many processes that would otherwise take hours or days to complete, but they also store valuable information on sales, marketing, inventory, and much more that can tell you how to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, like with all technology, databases can be difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis and to fix problems that arise unexpectedly. Therefore, it is vital to have all information on how to manage said databases documented in a clear and consistent manner for all employees to keep the heart of the company pumping smoothly.

Client Need

An established company found that they, like many other businesses, were extremely reliant on their databases to properly run the company. However, the knowledge on how to manage said databases was not institutionalized, and only small groups of people knew how to access different databases. While it is often important to have individuals specialize in certain areas, in the case of these databases, the lack of widespread knowledge hindered who could use the databases. This limitation in information caused a backlog in work as only certain individuals could solve any problems with the databases. Recognizing that this was a major problem, the company decided they should reach out to a professional and contacted Essential Data Corporation. 

EDC Solution

EDC provided the organization with an experienced technical writer who worked on numerous databases in the past. Despite very little information actually being written down on how to manage the databases, Essential Data’s writer met with every individual in the company who had knowledge of the databases. Using this method, the writer created a clear and consistent user documentation available for the company to use as a whole.

Benefits for the Client

Now with a complete user documentation on using the databases, the workers in the company were able to proceed with their work more efficiently than ever. All the employees have access to a straightforward method of how to manage and resolve any and all problems that may occur within any of the databases as they no longer rely on a few individuals to take time out of their own busy schedule to fix said issues. Business has since proceeded quickly and orderly. EDC can assist you and any other company with similar issues regarding the documentation of unwritten information you may need. All you need to do is contact EDC today and find a technical writer to resolve your documentation problems. 



Written by Holly Anderson