Keeping your user documentation, such as instruction, installation, or operating manuals, up-to-date but also keeping that technical documentation on the most accessible media not only keeps customers happy but can also save your company time and resources. Giving your customers the quickest way to access the most up-to-date information allows them to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions, without the need to contact your customer service department. From the first time, all help documentation was put on a readme file in software instead of on print for today’s interactive online help guides, which includes different media, from instructional videos to pop-up help guides. Having a technical writing and documentation services firm, such as Essential Data Corporation, to get your user documentation up to speed.

Client Need

A software company had a top-of-the-line B2B software suite that was among the best-selling software of its market. While the company had maintained and updated the software through regular patches and kept the software up to date, they received a larger number of calls to its customer support call center and had more negative customer reviews. The company then realized that while they had kept the software up to date, its user documentation had not been updated for seven years. The user’s guides and help manuals didn’t include any information about the updates to the software and were kept on a PDF that came with the software and had no link to the website for more help. The company knew it needed to upgrade its user documentation and contacted EDC for help.

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation was able to get a team of technical writers to assist with the upgrade to the company’s user documentation. The writers helped in the writing of the updates to its user guides and manuals; they also assisted in the upgrading of the entire help section itself. The team created an interactive user’s guide and help section for faster access to the issue the user faced, to a FAQ section for the most common issues, and embedded how-to videos. Calls to the support team dropped and the customer reviews started becoming positive again.

Benefits for the Client

With its call center volume down and its customer satisfaction going back up, the software once again shot back up to one of the highest selling products of its type. While something that might seem small can be overlooked, they can become big problems and at Essential Data Corporation we can take care of any documentation service needs, no matter how big or small, before they become business-ruining problems.



Written by Gwen Nicastro