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CASE STUDY: Skills Gap Documentation


Case Study: Skills Gap


The skills gap is widening according to documentation. Over the next decade, nearly 3 1⁄2 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed and 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap. Developing talent is essential. Adding to the complexity is finding workers with the skills required to meet today’s advanced manufacturing requirements.

Clients Need Skills Gap Documentation:

Our client, a mid-sized precision manufacturer who makes components in the aerospace industry, was having difficulty finding, hiring, training and retaining qualified machinists to work in their manufacturing facility. This facility has complex tools and machines which require extensive knowledge to be able to be operated effectively.

EDC Solution:

Essential Data’s two Technical Writers created detailed Standard Operating Procedures for seven unique manufacturing machines. These Standard Operating Procedures were used to create a training manual for new hires and give our clients the ability to cross-train existing employees to work on different machines than the ones to which they are customarily assigned.

Benefits for the Client:

After completing the Standard Operating Procedures for the equipment and creating the new hire training manual, the client was able to bring new hires up to proficiency 50% more quickly. Prior to bringing EDC on board, it took new employees 6 months before they were proficient to operate the equipment. After completion of our training manual, the time to bring new employees to proficiency status was reduced to 3 months.