essential data can provide technical writing to optimize search engine results


Nowadays it’s easier than ever to conduct all aspects of running a business from remote locations. Internet hosting sites such as GitHub, Google Docs, and Zoom allow employees to collaborate on all aspects of a project. From design, coding, and even testing, the internet cloud hosting sites save companies time and money. Having all these different services at your fingertips is extremely convenient, however finding someone trained in APIs of each site can be challenging. The process of finding an experienced technical author to produce web content with a background in API coding is the real challenge. Teaming up with a company like Essential Data Corporation which offers technical content writing services and search engine services to find the perfect candidate will save you time and money.

Clients Need Search Engine Services

A start-up web search browser needed someone who could create the documentation for the development, who had to be adept in Github API coding. The development team could not create all the documentation for the development of the website, which was behind schedule. The company then tried to contract out freelance writers that would fit the criteria that the company needed, but all the candidates were far too costly for the budget. The company then decided to contact Essential Data Corporation.

EDC Solution

Finding the right writer with the right credentials, and, due to the company’s location in Europe, locating someone who could work with the company at a reasonable time proved no challenge for Essential Data Corporation. EDC provided a technical author from the east coast, who was also a contract writer with EDC and was paid by the job, saving the company money and time.

Search Engine Services Benefit the Client

With the writer provided by EDC, the company was able to update their web search engine while experiencing no delays in operation or encountering any user issues. The company’s web search engine gained greater customer satisfaction and experienced immense growth. Despite the precise needs of the company, Essential Data Corporation was able to promptly find the correct writer for the job. No matter how specific the field or large the obstacle, Essential Data Corporation can find the personnel for your company’s professional and technical writing needs.

Written by Gwen Nicastro