A company tends to grow when there is an increase in customers, and with the added business comes a need for more employees. Delegation of day-to-day operations by a management team quickly becomes critical to the successful functioning of the company. Founders can no longer control both the daily management of the company while still leading the company forward. Sometimes, companies grow too large, too quickly, outgrowing old operating standards. This is where technical content writing services can help.

Client Need

A family-owned real estate investment and management company was experiencing rapid growth, and as such, the company had to add numerous employees to their team. When the family-owned company was smaller, the founders were able to handle both the day to day operations of the company and perform the strategic operation of guiding the company. While the company still wished to maintain the “family owned and operated” image, it was becoming extremely difficult to manage and organize employees, and they could not continue in this fashion without severe issues, affecting the company’s ability to operate at maximum efficacy.

EDC Solution

Looking for help, the company contacted Essential Data Corporation. EDC was able to provide them with an experienced senior technical writer and business analyst to address the situation. Essential Data’s senior technical writer was able to pinpoint how company operations and procedures could be recorded, defined, and outlined into easy-to-understand technical documentation. The senior writer then developed a variety of technical documents, including procedural documentation to outline the company’s policies and procedures, training manuals to help onboard new employees, and knowledge transfer plans that ensured that all of the critical information the founders knew was disseminated among the employees without the need for extensive in-person meetings.

Benefits for the Client

With the help of Essential Data’s senior technical writer, the company was able to grow while still abiding by the founders vision of the company. The company had the proper guides, manuals, and documentation on record to be able to show employees what was expected of them, as well as how to perform company operations. With clear direction, employees felt empowered to make more day-to-day decisions without the need of the founders having to schedule face-to-face meetings with every employee. This enabled the company to continue growth smoothly, successfully, and with confidence.



Written by Gwen Nicastro