Open-source hardware is changing the way business is done in the tech industry. New hardware architecture, such as RISC-V, are microchip makers who no longer have to pay royalties for designs, patents, and copyrights, such as compilers and operating systems, held by other tech firms. With open-source hardware, all things associated with the hardware are free for anyone and can modify the design without fear of breaking an NDA. While all this is making waves in the tech industry, getting customers up to speed with the new hardware can be quite a challenge.

Client Need

A start-up maker decided to go with an open-source hardware architecture platform for its new product. This saves the company money for not having to pay a license for use of another company’s intellectual property. Also, the hardware company no longer has the fear of breaking a non-disclosure agreement, revealing points about another company’s hardware design, while trying to educate its customers about its new product. With the product all ready to go, the company now needs to instruct its customers how to use it. When the company recognized that they needed different types of technical writing documents, such as user guides and instruction manuals, written in a way that even non-technical persons can understand, they contacted Essential Data Corporation.

EDC Solution

EDC was able to connect the software company with a technical writer well versed in the new open-source hardware.  Already having a background in the new hardware architecture, the writer was able to craft the different types of easily understandable documents needed, even with the complexities that came along with the adoption of new and unique hardware architecture. The new software was launched on time and under budget.

Benefits for the Client

Even though the new hardware architecture was unique to the market, the technical author from EDC was able to construct easy-to-read installation and usage guides for the software. With the ease of use, the software was quickly adopted, creating greater sales and growth in the customer base. No matter how unique the situation, Essential Data Corporation has the solution for all your company’s technical writing needs.



Written by Gwen Nicastro