Over time, the old ways of doing things give way to new and more up-to-date ideas and concepts. In the past, doctors thought that applying leeches on people would remove the blood and subsequently, the illness, and a thousand years ago most people thought the Sun went around the Earth. Government and safety regulations are no exception to the rules. After the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the deadliest industrial disaster in New York City, new fire codes and regulations were enacted. So too will your company update and change its emergency codes and regulations. Ensure everyone in the organization is up to date with the latest code, your company should record its regulations in types of technical writing documents, such as safety procedure documentation. Ensuring that the document is thorough yet succinct, and kept up to date, you should consult a professional technical author from a technical content writing services firm, such as Essential Data Corporation.

Client Need

A municipality in the US had kept up to date on the newest and latest emergency and safety regulations pertaining to their public employees and their workspaces. The city had a stellar safety record, however, one thing the city overlooked was keeping the safety procedure documentation up to date. While the old ways of passing on information, simply telling a new hire or newly voted in town executive, worked in the beginning, after a 20 year game of telephone, information was getting lost or misinterpreted. The town knew it had to update its technical documentation on its safety and emergency procedures.

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation was able to find the municipality a professional technical documentation writer that was also an expert in the field of civil engineering. The writer consulted with the city and was not only able to help get their safety and emergency procedure documentation up to date, but the writer from EDC also helped implement and train municipality employees in the latest procedures and regulations that the state had just passed, and because the writer was under contract with EDC, the city only had to pay the writer for the one job and not have to bring them on as a full-time city employee, saving the city thousands of dollars.

Benefits for the Client

With the municipality’s emergency and safety procedures documentation up to date, new employees and officials were able to be onboarded quickly, creating greater job satisfaction. With a happy public works crew, the voters of the city were also pleased not only with the job city employees were doing but also the tax dollars it saved them. No matter the size, scope, or niche area of types of technical writing documents needed, Essential Data Corporation is here to assist you with your technical writing services.  



Written by Gwen Nicastro