Medical writing is an extremely vital piece of documentation to have, as it often explains health and safety protocols to clients and employees, or to market medical products to the general public in the form of user manuals, social media content, and more. However, this form of writing can also be one of the most expensive and complex forms of writing. Doctors are often the individuals writing the medical documentation and demand high prices. Aside from pricing, their writing is often too complex for the average person to fully understand. A tremendous amount of time and money can be saved by hiring an experienced technical writer to get the job done right.

Client Need

A content creation company was looking to supply their client, another company that was in dire need of medical writing, with a writer. Although the content creation company typically supplied social media content and blogs, they required some professional help. The client was relying upon doctors to do their medical writing and spending a lot of extra money in the process. As well as looking to save money, the client also needed more user-friendly language in their medical writing. So, the company reached out to EDC for help.

EDC Solution

At first, EDC provided a preliminary candidate with a PhD to assist in the medical writing. However, the language was still not user-friendly enough despite being much cheaper. EDC collaborated with the client and gathered several different candidates and sent their 800-word sample writings to the content company for review. The client found the language to be perfect, and a skilled technical writer was selected to complete the medical writing documentation.

Benefits for the Client

Thanks to EDC’s collaboration and communication with the content creation company, the client was able to save a substantial amount of time and money as they only had to pay one skilled writer for a cheaper price. EDC has multitudes of skilled technical writers who can assist in medical writing and help a company to budget their money, whether you are looking for intricate expert writing or a more user-friendly document for the average person. No matter the reason, EDC is here to help with any and all medical writing services. 



Written by Holly Anderson