Having a document with a clear and strong message is vital in any form of business, and especially in matters consisting of requesting authorization. Without a cohesive contract, misunderstandings may be made about your intentions and processes may be bogged down by unnecessarily lengthy explanations of the subject at hand. You could either submit said confusing and convoluted document as is, take months out of your already busy schedule to painstakingly tailor the documents to your needs – or, you could call upon the services of an experienced and professional technical writer who can provide you with the aid you need swiftly and efficiently.

Client Need

An up-and-coming establishment of engineers in the business of building power plants was looking to expand in their location. To do this, the company needed to appeal a permit to the city. Although they were effortlessly able to gather the necessary content needed to create the permit proposal, assembling the information into a cohesive document proved to be more difficult than they originally anticipated due to the fact that multiple engineers’ submissions clashed with one another. Therefore, the client contacted Essential Data Corporation to conform and finalize the permit.

EDC Solution

By providing a writer who specialized in power projects and had copious experience with projects such as this one, Essential Data Corporation was able to solve the client’s permit problem quickly and smoothly. EDC’s writer managed to take twenty different documents submitted by the engineers and compiled them into one comprehensive permit and eliminated redundancies in a matter of weeks.

Benefits for the Client

With a fully cohesive and completed permit, the company managed to have a smooth and fast approval process. They are now beginning to break ground on their project as a result of EDC’s involvement with composing the client’s permit. Essential Data Corporation takes pride in their ability to assist any and all businesses with efficiently constructing their technical writing necessities.



Written by Holly Anderson