Almost all facets of life, business, health, and even relationships, are conducted online. With so much activity on different devices, users will eventually run into issues or have questions about whatever website or app they are using. The sheer volume of these inquiries will cause backups on help site pages or overwhelm a tech support call center. That is where integrating embedded user help on a website comes in handy. With embedded user help, which helps the user with whatever problem they encounter, everything is displayed right on the page, instead of having to travel to a separate help page, looking it up in instruction manuals, or having to contact user support. Embedded user help can range in forms from a simple pop-up definition for whatever the cursor is hovering over to full-on embedded videos right on the page. Embedded user help is a very simple solution that frees up users and technical support, along with time and resources. Having a top-notch business analytics services firm, such as Essential Data Corporation, assist in the amalgamation of this into your website will ensure that the process will be quick and flawless.

Client Need

A fast-growing software company released a new product on the market with the expectation of selling more than one hundred thousand units on its release weekend. With numbers like that, the company expected the new software to take off and grow its market share exponentially. However, numbers after the initial release date weren’t as stellar as they should have been. The company heard from users that the software was rather complicated and was running into a lot of issues, which the company tried to rectify this drawback by creating a help section on its website that included things like operating manuals, instruction manuals, and FAQs. Even though the help section pages addressed nearly all issues with the software and were incredibly thorough, the company found most users didn’t have the time or patience to go through the enormous help section and their tech support was backed up with calls. The software company then realized that including embedded user help in its software and web pages could address most of the problems users were facing. This was when the company called Essential Data Corporation for help.

EDC Solution

EDC was able to field a group of technical writers that helped the company create the embedded user help they needed on their website. The writers were able to create short, simple, and to the point instructions and guides that the user could access right on the page. Customers no longer have to search the vast array of different pages in the help section of the website. The information was delivered directly to the user anywhere on the website, regardless of the problem they were encountering. The software company also saw calls to its technical service department decrease dramatically.

Benefits for the Client

With the embedded user help now on the website itself, the company saw fewer calls to its tech support department, saving the company valuable resources. The company also saw a boost in customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales.


Whether you need a team of consultants to produce a complete line of documentation or a single technical writer for a brief project, Essential Data’s Engagement Manager will lead the project from start to finish. At Essential Data Corporation, the quality of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today to get started. (800) 221-0093 or



Written by Gwen Nicastro