When companies grow larger, different divisions of the company will operate in different markets, spanning across many different fields. Now scale that company up to a huge multinational that operates in different countries and the complexities will affect the efficiency of the company. One division that makes thermostats in Asia is launching a new product while your IT department, which is located in North America, has adopted a new data storage and sharing cloud system for the supplier in Europe. The operations in Asia are slowed down due to the need for training in the new cloud system, which slows the launch of the product. Having a business intelligence services firm that can provide IT staffing services and technical documentation services, such as Essential Data Corporation, can bring all aspects of your company together to create greater efficiency.

Client Need

A publicly traded multinational conglomerate operated in four main markets: aerospace, building technologies, performance materials, and safety and productivity solutions. With its hands in so many different industries, the company had a difficult time maintaining consistency with its technical documentation. Each division had different practices and procedures for their documentation, confusing the different departments especially when they had to share information. This lack of consistency created issues that hindered the efficiency of the company and realizing they needed to get all their ducks in a row, the company hired the technical writing and documentation services firm, Essential Data Corporation.

EDC Solution

EDC was able to assist the company with all of its documentation issues, providing a group of technical writers to assist with different verticals that the company needed. The writers were able to create clear documentation for the different verticals, including software, electronic and mechanical, as well as to produce documentation for the overall operations of the company. The writers even helped create a consistent rollout and procedure documentation for each division of the company. With its new, consistent documentation, the company saved on time and resources from the improved efficiency of the company.


Benefits for the Client

With all of the different departments of the company having consistent documentation available to them, efficiency and productivity skyrocketed. Having everyone on the same page in such a large company not only created greater efficiency, which saved the company valuable resources, they were able to grow customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales, in all the markets a division operated in. No matter how large the company, no matter how many different verticals it operates in, Essential Data Corporation has the solution to your technical documentation issues. 





Written by Gwen Nicastro