When new technologies launch, such as blockchain protocol, no one can know how that technology will be used. Blockchain, for instance, is a cryptographic protocol that uses pieces of data called blocks, which use timestamps, a cryptographic hash of the previous block, and the transaction data. Because the list of blocks contains pieces of the previous block and the time stamp, attempting to alter any data, or blocks, in the blockchain they would have to alter every single one that was created before it. Therefore, blockchain data is said to be the most secure way of creating and recording data, and thus why blockchain is used for cryptocurrency.  However, blockchains can be used to keep track of any data securely, such as customer info, or authenticate objects on the internet, such as NFTs. Trying to explain new and unique uses of the new technologies to your employees or clients, and eventually getting them to adopt them, could be very long and messy, and there could be misunderstandings. Hiring a firm with a solid background in business and technical communications, such as Essential Data Corporation, to create documents, such as white papers, will effectively communicate the benefits of the new technology.

Client Need

A medical services consulting company developed a way to use blockchain programming to securely store patient’s records. From there, they came up with a way to use the same blockchain program to let doctors communicate with their patients without the worry of a security breach. When the company introduced the new software to its different clients, the doctors weren’t exactly quick to adopt it. The company heard issues such as “I don’t have the time to learn a new software,” or “I know blockchain is used for crypto, but how can it keep my patient’s medical history safe?” or “I don’t need to learn new software. My patients and I communicate just fine.” Knowing that the new software would save the doctors time and money, the company tried but failed to communicate the many benefits of the new software. It was then that they contacted Essential Data Corporation.

EDC Solution

Essential Data Corporation was able to find technical writers experienced in blockchain technology. These writers were able to create white papers on the usage of blockchain in recording and securing patients’ medical records. The white papers were the perfect type of technical writing documents to use because the writers were able to include charts and graphs of hard data to show how the new software would help the doctors. With the doctors sold on the new software, the company’s sales grew.

Benefits for the Client

Showing the cold hard data to a pragmatic group of people, like doctors, in easy-to-read technical writing, such as white papers, convinced them to adopt the new software. This increased the sales of the new product and in turn experienced greater customer growth. No matter how new or complicated the data, Essential Data Corporation has writers that can translate any topic into easy-to-understand business and technical communication, spelling out the benefits for your clients.


Written by Gwen Nicastro