The agriculture industry is one of the most rapidly changing large-scale industries in the world. As the threats of climate change and resource scarcity become more daunting, players in the industry have had to figure out ways to reduce their carbon, water, land, and other resource usage in order to mitigate future damages. It has become increasingly evident that technological innovation is one of the key necessities in creating sustainable farming practices while still providing enough food for society. In the past few decades, we have seen the rise of sensors, data analytics, GMOs, and countless other forms of technology that help to increase yields while simultaneously lowering resource consumption. In order for a firm to stay competitive in this constantly evolving market, they must not only make use of current technologies, but also be scouring the forefront of the technological sector to position themselves for the future.

Client Need

The process of evolving to use new technologies, particularly in the field of agriculture, can be very complex. Essential Data has worked with a manufacturer of agricultural equipment who sought to incorporate the latest technologies into their products in order to make farms more efficient. The first step the client needed to take was navigating the market to see what types of technological solutions could help increase their efficiency. The second step – after acquiring these products – was then to teach employees and end-users how to use these new technologies. The client needed to be confident that they were not only buying the proper materials for their farm, but that they were also able to integrate these technologies into their operations without leaving behind their farmers and other employees.

EDC Solution

Essential Data’s technical writing team was able to effectively create a solution for this agricultural equipment manufacturer. The technical writing team assigned one technical writer to first look through the technologies available in the sector, and translate the features and goals of the products into simpler, less technical language. Then, once the appropriate technologies were selected by the client, the technical writer created a highly visual operator’s manual that could be built into the sales brochure for the equipment. This operator’s manual provided detailed yet concise documentation of how to appropriately use the new technologies acquired by the client, thus allowing workers and farmers to see the full benefits of the technologies.

Benefits for the Client

The result of Essential Data’s technical writing and documentation service was extremely positive. Customers of the client embraced the new technologies and found satisfaction in the fact that it is easy to use and understand. The client has already seen an increase in sales as a result as a result of creating a more useful, technologically forward-thinking product. Without the presence of a technical writer, the agricultural equipment manufacturer likely would not have seen such a positive response to their product. Essential Data is proud to help businesses large and small increase their profits by offering technical writing and documentation services that make their products more accessible to users.

Written by Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith