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What is Database Documentation?

    Database documentation plays a vital role in data management. In a digital world where organizations rely heavily on an assortment of data to function, knowing how to effectively manage such a high volume of information makes it easier to oversee business operations. However, often organizations do not consistently maintain their databases therefore they have issues storing, searching, and retrieving valuable data when they need information. That is where database documentation comes into place. 

    What is Database Documentation? 

    Database documents are descriptions of metadata–your organization’s metadata. A company’s database may comprise different types of information that need to be stored, retrieved, revised, and managed. It may include anything from product inventory, customer information, sales, and more depending on your business data. With the right database documentation tools, you can store data in JSON, XML, or BSON. Making it easier to change the structure of the database as the organizations’ change and grow.  

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