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Passion is Essential

    Published: October 1998Jack Lawrence | Stamford Advocate For Antoinette Allocca, a Stamford entrepreneur whose vision led to the burgeoning market for technical writers, passion is essential. For Antoinette Allocca, the financial landmines of 1989 were threatening to destroy her business and derail her career. She was struggling… Read More »Passion is Essential

    Corporate gifts a big business

      Published: December 23, 1998Tom Caruso | Stamford Advocate Businesses say gift important to client relationships You’ve probably been the recipient at one time or another of a gift from someone in the business community, especially around the Christmas holidays. You know, those pens, T-shirts,, duffle bags… Read More »Corporate gifts a big business

      Women thrive on creative edge

        Published: April 28, 1999Ft Myers Press NEW YORK – To get ahead in the fuel procurement market, entrepreneur Kristen Schaffner-Irvin computerized her clients’ tanks so she could check inventory from her laptop. Her rivals were still using wooden dipsticks. That’s the kind of creative edge… Read More »Women thrive on creative edge